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This is a simple code pasting service. You can create code pastes, view them, and share the links with friends.

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const hello = "Hello world!";



Codebin is 100% secure. Something to keep in mind is that encryption is handled by your browser using AES-256 and SHA256 (in other words, the server has no idea what code you have uploaded). Codebin does not have access to your pastes. We at Codebin believe that privacy is a right, not a privilege.


Codebin is super simple to use. Just create a paste, copy the link, and share it with your friends & peers.

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Codebin allows you to password protect your pastes. You can make your pastes even more secure with this, and it's highly recommended incase you are sharing sensitive code.


Codebin is fast. We use a fast database and a fast CDN to ensure that your pastes are always loaded in a timely manner.

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Codebin is free. We don't charge you for using our service. We don't even have ads.


Codebin is the future. We are always working on new features and improvements to make Codebin the best secure code pasting service.

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